“The physical technique was better than the few other chiropractors I have seen. He was gentle and able to loosen up stiff muscles to do a proper realignment. I’ve had others just get straight to cracking. Definitely a 10/10*.” – K. L.

“This was first time receiving chiropractic care. I was very impressed with everyone at Peninsula Chiropractic Center and look forward to continuing my care with Dr Arnold and his staff.” – O.J.

“Dr. Arnold was very attentive and listened to me. He asked questions to make sure he understood what was going on with my body. It made me feel like he really cared. I will recommend them to anyone looking for a chiropractor. Thank you. ” – P.T.

“When I slipped by disc, my job sent me to the emergency room where they said I should go straight to physical therapy. Once I left, I went straight down to Dr. Arnold’s! I’ve always had professional care from Dr. Arnold & Mary & their whole team. They give sound advice and always listen to concerns!” – R

“I had a lot of nerve pain in my arms and hands. I had neck pain when I would try to run, exercise or dance. Now I nearly have a normal life! I can be active and pain free. I garden, walk, climb stairs, and travel. If I overdo, I can get very quick relief with adjustments, even though my neck was permanently injured. 

I have been under Dr. Arnold’s care since 1987. (My injury was in October 1986.) I have avoided surgery – the only option given by the neurosurgeon who supervised my care. He said that was the only hope for pain and nerve problems after they immobilized my neck in a brace!”