“Degenerative disc disease” is diagnosed and people are stunned by the results or “impression” on radiology report. When told this by the medical professional group, they usually say “it part of aging and there’s nothing you can do..” or suggest Physical therapy or Occupational therapy to help current complaints, which in fact might help for a period of time to help re-establish some basic movement patterns of the spine/body.

With Degenerative Disc Disease, your body has compensated for numerous activities, sleeping patterns, old traumas, and current occupational profession that’s causing mechanical “errors” in your spine that get misplaced over time and stress and cannot move as it should and starts to slowly degenerate on the disc level first, (that’s why people shrink over time, they use the fluid in their intervertebral disc) now the bone is stuck in place and most movement will cause a “friction” or “unproper” movement pattern that may cause low levels of inflammation to hang out in + around disc.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, the “disc” is the main matter/structure we are trying to the vertebra back ON the disc properly for best results neurologically and physiologically. Setting the bone correctly is analyzing which way the disc has migrated and adjust properly ( X-rays ) are super useful for specific results and goals to be reached with seeing specific rotation and disc levels.

Disc degenerate usually around the time when you are done growing, and for men that’s usually 22-24 years old and for female is 20-23, so however you treated your spine up to that point, school, sports, traumas and various bad habits, whatever you have at that age, you can start to degenerate, inflammation in the joint or diet.

Diet plays a HUGE role in preventing any degeneration, at any level, if you are feeding your body low inflammatory foods and supplying it with proper adjustments, stretching and exercising, these activities are shown to help stabilize, strengthen, rebuild. Your mentality should be “how can i prevent degenerative issues” and the work you put in while you are young, WILL pay off as you age and your spine.

As the disc degenerates, the exiting nerve CAN be effected WITHOUT giving a “pain signal”- theres numerous functions of each nerve, yet only 10% of each nerve “feels” pain, so working through the 90% is usually the story i mentioned above, going to a chiropractor is not about pain, its about preventing it and trying to give your body a chance to heal from “inside out” through correcting the “nerve” irritation caused by poor biomechanics in the spine. With DDD the stenosis of the IVF (interverbral foramina) where the nerve comes out is SMALLER and can be fixed through specific chiropractic adjustments.

Come in on a basis of “preventing” disease by being proactive in your health.

adjustments are a preventative health measure to increase your quality of life.

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